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Plumbing fixtures is actually almost completely unrelated to plumbing by any other name with the exception that is uses the pipes. The fixture is the end of the line for the plumbing and usually represents a synthesis of art, style, and function. A sink, bathtub, washroom, en ye wash station, an ice cube makers, dishwashers and refrigerators in some cases represent a fixture. With this layout in mind some of the most common configurations will be noted with specific attention given to their style.

The common alterations to these fixtures come in the form of style. Modern style attempts to incorporate more stainless steel into the common kitchen appliances and make them simple to clean. Creating a brushed metallic feel gives the kitchen a technologically advanced feel. The nineties and the eights saw the primacy of wooden paneling and the emergence of stainless steel that seized the following decade by storm. Drifting backwards in time the metallic hues of the seventies come into contrast with specific opaque colors that were not as bright as the sixties. Water heaters are prime examples of the non-stylistic change, but relying purely on functionality since the water heater is not considered a staple of the fashionable laundry room.

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